We deliver seamless, painless, risk-free trade show exhibit experiences - across town and around the world

Never exhibit alone, again!

Whether your next show is across the globe or across town, Global Reach delivers the highest level of exhibitor support in the industry. We own the success of your show as if it were our own.

Successful Exhibits Are All About the Details

01 - Planning & Metrics

Your project begins with a comprehensive plan: detailed logistics including customs and documentation requirements; event inventory including exhibit property, signage, literature, giveaways and more; documented goals and performance indicators including anticipated results; post-event actions including trans-shipping and/or disposition of materials.

Nothing is left to chance and our comprehensive planning process helps to eliminate surprises.

04 - Continuous Improvement

After your event, we perform a comprehensive, internal, post hoc analysis, exploring every aspect of the event to determine where we can improve our process, reduce costs and drive better results.

We then present this analysis to you so the entire team understands where we can improve our performance, together.

02 - Scheduling & Logistics

Sensitive equipment is packaged in custom shipping containers to protect it in shipment. Our network of carriers is scheduled to provide the most cost-effective delivery. Venues are researched to ensure appropriate materials handling capabilities, facilities and local labor. We sweat every detail to ensure your display arrives in perfect condition and on-time.

03 - Technology & Services

Throughout your project, Global Reach uses advanced technologies to ensure your project is on track, your shipments are where they are supposed to be, your inventory is up to date and all the details are covered.

Our white-glove services ensure in-booth/onsite completion of all the logistical details, leaving you free to focus on your clients and prospects.

Global Reach and You. Maximizing Your Investment in Trade Show Marketing.

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